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Home remedies may work for a while, but for long term solutions, it would be best to call our 24/7 plumbing experts.

Man standing with all plumbing equipment
Blocked Drains Icon

Blocked Drains

Burst Pipe Image
Burst Pipes Icon

Burst Pipes

Mayor construction plumbing
Construction Icon


Fire Main Lines
Fire Main Lines Icon

Fire Main Lines

Man adjusting geyser temperature
Geyser Icon


Main Sewer Lines
Main Sewer Lines Icon

Main Sewer Lines

Main Storm Water Lines
Main Storm Water Lines Icon

Main Storm Water Lines

Septic Tanks
Septic Tank Icon

Septic Tanks

Tightening Valves
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Flickering, buzzing or dimming lights is a sign that your home’s wiring requires a professional upgrade. Allow our extraordinary service fix your problem within seconds.

Single Phase General Wiring
Single Phase General Wiring Icon

Single Phase General Wiring

Db Board with 3 Phase Problem
3 Phase Problem Icon

3 Phase Problems

Man working with DB Board
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DB Boards

Plumbing & Electrical

Let us to take over your Certificate of Compliance and Events Installations with our excellent services and team management.

Man writing out a Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Compliance (COC) Icon

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

Event Electrical Installation
Events Installation and Services Icon

Event Installation and Services

Man working on house aircone on the outside
General Maintenance Icon

General Maintenance

Man installing new wiring on Electrical system
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New Installations

General Maintenance

Home & commercial improvement. We do all your household and office fixes and upgrades.

Man working on aircone outside
All General Maintenance Icon

All General Maintenance

Man painting roof
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Ceiling & Roofs

Fencing and Gate Motors
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Fencing & Gate Motors

Fixing Lock on Door
Locks and Doors Icon

Locks & Doors

Man Bending Steel
Steel Work Icon

Steel Work

Man Tiling a Floor
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Tiling & Painting

Why use our Services?

Let our experience speak for itself.

24 Hour Service
The Business’s philosophy
  • The Business’s philosophy is to distinguish itself from other Plumbing & Electrical Companies with qualified personnel on management and on an operational level as well as service on another level.
  • SWIFT GROUP focuses on real 24 HOUR SERVICE as well as Service or Contact within 2 hours.
Swift Group (Pty) Ltd
  • The Business will continuously strive to outperform its competitors through extraordinary service, competitive prices, effective administration, and personal advice to all our customers.
  • SWIFT GROUP (PTY) LTD is registered with the following bodies: